THE DRESS SEQUEL - The Prom Dress Resale Event Milwaukee



Register to be a consignor for the Dress Sequel event and enter your formal items you wish to sell.


Prep your items by making sure they are clean and ready. Tag your items.


Drop off your items during the set times.


Earn 70% of the sale price. Promote and invite friends and family – get an extra 10% on sale price!* (At least 3 people must attend event to get extra percentage on sale price).


Shop and find “new to you” dresses on March 9, 2019.


Pick up or donate any unsold items at conclusion of the event.


Don’t forget to share this event with your friends so they can shop and sell as well!


Pricing Guidelines

You have the freedom to determine your own prices for each item.

Since you are putting items in the sale, the assumption is you really want them to sell. We encourage you to take these guidelines into consideration and try to remove any personal history with the item and think about what you would pay for it as a buyer at this event.

If you bought the dress at:

  • Department Store for $75-$299 – Price at $45-$150

  • Boutique Store for $300 and Up – Price for $150 and up

Popular Brand name dresses can sell for a little higher price.

During registration you will be given the opportunity to select if you would like any of your items marked down to 50% off during the sale on Sunday.

You can choose to donate items if they do not sell.

Merchandise Preparation
  • All items must be clean and wrinkle free.

  • All items must have working zippers and be free of tears and stains.

  • Please use plastic, vinyl or wooden hangers (no metal).

    Hangers with spin around metal hooks are best.


  • Make sure hangers are appropriate size for the item.

  • Hang items on the hanger to where the hanger faces to the left (like a question mark).

  • All dresses must be up-to-date for today’s fashion. 

  • If your dress is in a dress bag, you will need to remove the bag and take the bag home with you. We will not be responsible for tracking bags.

  • If you have any trouble printing tags, don’t stress. We will be happy to help you in the store during drop off. Just get your items entered in the system.



  • After you register, you will be get an email with a download .pdf of the printable tag for your dress

  • Print one tag for each dress you are selling (Please make sure you print tags on white or cream card-stock paper)

  • Write in the dress size, description, seller name and number, and the price you wish to charge.

  • Secure your tags with a safety pin under the left sleeve arm or on the size tag if it is located at the top of the item

Seller Number

If you have already registered and have a valid seller ID number, but need more tags, you can download more tags here. 

Please do not forget the seller number! This is how the seller gets paid and how we keep track of the dress after the event. Remember the price of the dress is determined by the seller. If sold, 70% will be awarded to the seller after the event. Seller will be notified by email if their item(s) has sold.



Tuesday, March 5, 2019 - 4 pm to 7 pm

The Farmhouse Paint And Sip 
4511 S. 6th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53221

Dresses that are not sold must be picked up between 4 and 7pm on Tuesday, March 12th.  Any dresses not picked up will be donated to charity.

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